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Many social and industry personalities, organization of Bahria Town and populace of Peshawar were as well present, says a statement. This plan will take part in an important role in the financial and industrial growth of the state and will get Peshawar at par with the other urbanized international town, Bahria Town has planned a great designed community for Peshawar where all the worldwide class facilities including newest medicinal and educational services, profitable areas, mosques, society centers, intricate communications and road set-up, parks, etc. will be made accessible in most reasonable prices. Bahria Town is Asia’s biggest private real estate constructor which has become the same to a high level quality life fashion provider is now organized to initiate Bahria Town Peshawar after gain humongous status in Rawalpindi.

Bahria Town Peshawar is based on hopefulness that it will not only develop the excellence of living values of the town but will also give support to the decreasing trade and industry and social environment by provided that enlarged chances of service and an explosion to structure industry.

Malik Riaz Hussain, Asia’s biggest real estate constructor and the leading generous personality of the state is one such person. He has initiated numerous social welfare plans that are of huge benefit to the crowd. In addition to these large reaching lasting plans that advantage the society, Malik Riaz Hussain is for all time on the forefront supporting those in dreadful need of facilitating whether it is some normal disaster or any other troublesome situation. These acts of goodness are just some of his never-ending contributions for the poor and the helpless. After the damage caused by the most horrible ever flood in Pakistan, Malik Riaz placed a very rare and generous present to give 80% of all of his property for the relief and therapy of the flood losses. As well as various other expectations, hospitals, and schools are monetarily helped by Malik Riaz, who believes in performance appreciation to the designer by being concerned with others.

Be it flooding, quake, fire or some other shocking situation, save teams lead by Malik Riaz Hussain are for all-time first to make to the spots to more provide all the medicinal, economic and food support. Within the earlier period, relief job by Bahria city has become an essence of confidence and reliable care for all the disadvantaged people without regard to their faith, traditions or religion. Even the management and administration found it moderately a difficult task but the site still ran for other than a few months at one go. Caravan of large trucks with all the help goods importance 40 million have been transmitting to Rawalakot and Bagh. He never visits uncertain in costs millions for the benefit and the happiness of the poor people around. This group has always been the first to details in the same substance with all the essential amounts of support and help.

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